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Product development Product development
User interface User interface
Customer development Customer development
Visual communications Visual communications
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13 October

Media Queries

Lo and behold a new responsive design catalog and resource. Media Queries aggregates website view portals as media queries and displays them side-by-side for a quick comparison. This is the first collection I have come across featuring the HTML 5 technology that isn’t project specific and I would like to see a breaking point references […]

13 October

List of Query Types

Posted by in Lists

I have a thing for lists. Informational queries include a wide range of content with numerous applicable results like “Washington” or Motorcycles”. Navigational queries focus on a destination URL or website from a single entity like “Gmail” or “Amazon Prime”. Transactional queries show intent around performing an action like making a purchase or downloading software […]

11 October

POP – An app for paper prototyping on your phone.

Posted by in Technology

Meet POP ” Whether you’re a student, a designer, or an entrepreneur, POP helps you transform your pen + paper ideas into a real working prototype.” This app just so happens to combine three of my favorite things, drawing, photography, and technology. POP is also getting good reviews, rated 4+, and which is another three […]


Don't just take my word for it.

  • Be Chanlimcharoen (Bing Senior UX Designer)

    Brent is a big picture thinker with a knack for cutting through the static. He dives deep into systems and deeply understands the dynamics of human-computer interaction. His skills range from high-level concept and innovation to practical solutions.

    - Be Chanlimcharoen (Bing Senior UX Designer)
  • Jonah Dempcy (Techstars, Amazon, Global Center for Advance Studies)

    Brent excels at understanding complex problem domains by deep diving into customer psychology. His knack for understanding consumers leads to great customer experiences. He is dedicated to finding the right problems to solve, and discovering what really matters.

    - Jonah Dempcy (Techstars, Amazon, Global Center for Advance Studies)
  • David Eraker (Redfin founder)

    “Brent is a very talented graphic designer, UX, and product strategist. He is extremely good at analyzing different product ideas, coming up with new ones, and then putting together a cohesive visual package that ties everything together both on web and applications.”

    - David Eraker (Redfin founder)

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We believe problem solving is a team-based approach. We both love talking to your customers first-hand. We trust the design process. We understand critical path efforts and validate our investments. We want to delight both users and stakeholders alike.

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