List of Query Types

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Lists

I have a thing for lists.

  • Informational queries include a wide range of content with numerous applicable results like “Washington” or Motorcycles”.
  • Navigational queries focus on a destination URL or website from a single entity like “Gmail” or “Amazon Prime”.
  • Transactional queries show intent around performing an action like making a purchase or downloading software such as “buy the lean startup” or”download WordPress”.
  • Connectivity queries report on the connectivity of the indexed web graph (e.g., Which links point to this URL?, and How many pages are indexed from this domain name?).
  • Short-tail queries are typically one word such as “Apple” or “attorney”.
  • Long-tail queries are defined as any combination of “more than 3 words” such as “best TV 2014” or “popular baby names”
  • Structured queries (according to Wikipedia) includes support for Boolean operators and parentheses giving context for multiple subjects such as “vehicles OR cars OR automobiles“.
  • Exploratory queries (according to Wikipedia) attempt to help the user “determine what the best keywords are for a query” by combining querying and browsing strategies for learning and investigation. One example of this scenario is “faceted classification” which is more of a scenario that combines feature-set and intent.