13 October

Media Queries

Lo and behold a new responsive design catalog and resource. Media Queries aggregates website view portals as media queries and displays them side-by-side for a quick comparison. This is the first collection I have come across featuring the HTML 5 technology that isn’t project specific and I would like to see a breaking point references […]

13 October

List of Query Types

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I have a thing for lists. Informational queries include a wide range of content with numerous applicable results like “Washington” or Motorcycles”. Navigational queries focus on a destination URL or website from a single entity like “Gmail” or “Amazon Prime”. Transactional queries show intent around performing an action like making a purchase or downloading software […]

11 October

POP – An app for paper prototyping on your phone.

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Meet POP ” Whether you’re a student, a designer, or an entrepreneur, POP helps you transform your pen + paper ideas into a real working prototype.” This app just so happens to combine three of my favorite things, drawing, photography, and technology. POP is also getting good reviews, rated 4+, and which is another three […]

26 September

Techstars moves into Startup Hall

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We attended the grand opening to for the new Techstars location at Startup Hall on UW campus yesterday and lo and behold we found something really neat stashed in the corner. Birthday boy Jonah posing with the first ever Bitcoin ATM we have seen. Leave it to the introverts to post pictures with machines but […]

22 September

Grid nerds unite!

One of my design resources that is a great grid reference and formerly known asĀ Grid Assault has moved over to a new brand at Grid Based. Their collection helped inspire me when I researched the Bing Video vertical grid and the Image View Brainstorm specifically looking for slicing-tree and dense grid examples.The new site is […]