(Picture taken at Gunkanjima, Japan)


Brent Schnabel is a Seattle based UX designer who has been defining experiences on the web for 15 years. His track record includes corporate entities such as Bing and Xfinity. He is also part of the startup scene with clients Redfin, Surefield, and recently co-founded The Pack which was a TechStars 2014 semi-finalist. His domain expertise includes launching experiences for search, video SERP, real estate, deal sites, commercial development, shopping, mobile, relevance services, and more. In 2009 his work at Redfin was deemed one of the 50 Best Websites by Time magazine and the mobile app was featured in an Apple commercial.



In 1997, the day after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, I was hired to design websites for a startup agency that was working out of a house on Queen Anne hill. In under two years, we went from designing mom-and-pop style websites to working with Fortune 500 clients such as The Quadrant Corporation and landmarks such as The Pike Place Market. We had martinis after hours with clients and stopped in the middle of the day for gaming sessions by order of the CEO. It was an exciting time. Every detail of the web experience was hand crafted, and we were figuring everything out for ourselves. I have been around the web since it mattered and I am proud to be a part of the culture that helped forge the technology and experiences we have today. Since that time, I have been consistent in design, naturally progressing my role from graphic designer, web designer, UX designer, service design, to being an entrepreneur.




My experience ranges from working one-on-one with business founders to playing the role of liaison between design and engineering factions. While at Bing, I worked directly with the head of UX, who was 3 ranks my senior—but I am equally comfortable rolling up my sleeves and digging in on nitty-gritty design work. My forte is deeply understanding user psychology and how to meet both customer and business needs in a way that fosters mutual benefit. I have worked with a number of growing companies and am passionate about helping companies achieve their potential through designing heretofore-unseen services. I am excited about the prospect of new potentials in emerging technologies and new horizons of human-computer interaction.



  • User interface & visual design
  • User experience & service design
  • Customer development & interviews
  • User flows & task analysis
  • Lean & agile product development
  • Team player & problem solver
  • Personas & use cases
  • Low fidelity & interactive prototyping
  • Brainstorming & mind mapping




Introspection, creativity, and listening to the call for adventure are all important to me. I love the outdoors, fishing, camping and was a member of the mountaineers for several years. Photography supports just about every other hobby I have, including traveling abroad or finding a winding country road on my motorcycle.  I love self knowledge and reading about personality types from Carl Jung, dabbling in my sketch book while listening to a comedy podcast, and hanging out with the pug perfecting the art of being or perhaps begging.