You can view the fullĀ UX framework presentation here.

Universal Human Relevance System is a service platform for managing human judgment tasks for both internal and external clients. The popular service receives over 2 million judgments per month and is similar to Mechanical Turk which allows owners to design testing applications for markers such as relevance or content accuracy. The primary objective was to design a standard framework for all future UHRS hitapps that focuses on identifying and implementing guidelines for the most widely used hitapp design patterns. It specifically accommodates end users who perform either managed or crowd sourced judgments.

The experience is centered with a common design language that enables users to perform better and with less cognitive burden by ensuring consistency among common elements in each hitapp. The framework is built upon a responsive layout that works seamlessly on a variety of devices in order to increase service efficiency. The collapsible user HUD features a flexible badge system that gives testers vital information such as “time left for completion” on a judgement, current score, and the ability to give instant feedback to hitapp owners.