2007 – 2009 was an exciting time at Redfin and a noticeable time in my career because there wasn’t a single feature, design, or piece of collateral that didn’t go through my hands. I was the sole designer or perhaps the “soul” designer who worked directly with the head of product and marketing. We worked hard and received some nice accolades including Time Magazines 50 Best Websites of 2009, our iPhone app was in an Apple commerical,  and it was featured in the App Store.

Redfin has always personified as a scrappy startup and that meant we wore a lot of hats while moving fast. Validation was received by looking at the numbers, perfecting the art of iteration, and keeping communication pipelines open with the public. Redfin users are passionate, loyal, and they  love to let us know how they feel about new features. Agents gave us feedback because they were out talking with customers every day. Each month we hosted real estate classes were I would practice my photography in order to talk with users fist hand about their expectations.

This period is beloved by founding Redfinians known as the “blue era” which refers to the blue header design we used for the site and in the iPhone app. Some of the notable features I worked on included: iPhone app, website redesign, favorites, icons, map page, conversion, agent photography, details page, map page, marketing collateral, ads, market pages, blog,listing alerts, emails, and more.



Redfin iPhone app featured in iPhone 3GS commercial


“We focused on tours for a reason. The Redfin iPhone app isn’t just a search application, it’s one component of a larger home-buying service, where the other components are the website and — most important by far — the team of agents serving clients. And they all have to work together. If you’re touring with Redfin and don’t have your own iPhone, your Redfin agent will often be able to take pictures for you using her own iPhone.


Redfin iPhone app testimonials

  • “This is quite possibly the best iPhone app out there in terms of execution and usefulness.  If you to buy or sell you NEED this app.”
  • “I have been using this app all day and I get more and more impressed as time goes on.  I have been waiting for a Redfin iPhone app for a while and this does everything I want and more.  It’s the little things that put this in the 5 star area.”
  • “Must download if buying a home.  I would pay $50 for this, it is so useful.
  • “After a test run, I have concluded that @Redfin has created perhaps the best free real estate iPhone application I’ve encountered yet.”
  • “I didn’t think it was possible to love them any more than I do already, and then Redfin goes and releases an iPhone app.”
  • “New #redfin iPhone app is  ON. THE. MONEY.”


Media coverage


Screencast for the Redfin iPhone app release


Some memorable releases at Redfin that I was a part of